LLittle Black Note’s core mission is to provide a new exploratory approach to musical training that’s fun, stimulating and all done in a learning environment. LBN is working to provide what may become the area’s most convenient and practical and effective approach to music lessons because we bring the innovative and creative fun to you! We offer a unique, interactive music and performance- based program that offers classes to individuals in private classroom and group settings or in before and aftercare environments. Our approach to music instruction includes formal keyboard techniques, theory, and basic chording (gospel). Our instructors are both trained musicians and performers who understand the importance of incorporating both learning and performance skills. Students are encouraged to learn to play or play, sing and perform!

  • Benefits:

    The benefits of playing a musical instrument are innumerable and are advantageous to the child both personally and academically.  In addition to learning hand-eye coordination, they develop stronger study habits, increased attention span, and improved social skills and increases confidence levels all while having fun! What joy, when a child demonstrates skills where he or she can play a familiar song for an audience, family and friends!

  • Interactive Classes:

    Little Black Notes interactive music sessions are designed to teach primer level students, usually ages 4 (+) music instruction based in a group or private classroom setting. In a classroom setting, a group of children will learn to play instruments (recorder, piano, and bells), develop sight reading skills, learn rhythms, listen to and identify various styles of music (for an example: classical, jazz, waltz, polka, pop & RB, gospel, etc.).Students engage in music in motion instruction which incorporates physical interaction, listening skills and lots of fun!

  • Giving Back:

    As the Founder and Director of Little Black Notes, LLC., I am particularly committed to developing innovative and creative ideas to change and improve our community through music with collaborative actions with local schools, churches, assisted living senior centers, and Centers for Children and Adults with Disabilities. I work diligently to find creative and innovative approaches to keep the children and the community actively engaged and exposed to ‘The World of Music’.

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